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Welcome to Serenity Valley Shepherds' page
The home of beautiful White Shepherd Dogs

It was like yesterday that I was looking for a companion for our German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Sasha.  By chance, I came across a White Shepherd website and fell in love with this beautiful yet under-rated breed of dogs.
Since then I have been showing Snow White, a foundation bitch for my Serenity Valley line, to prove her breeding-worthiness.  I am committed to the betterment of the White Shepherd Dogs through public education and selective breeding.

Currently White Shepherds are registered as white coated GSDs in American Kennel Club (AKC).  Unfortunately white coats in GSDs are disqualifying faults in the AKC show ring.  This exclusions from the regular GDS breeding program have evolved Whites into a distinct breed of its own.  The United Kennel Club (UKC) has recognized the distinctness and the beauty of White Shepherds and it became a separate breed in April 14 1999. 

What's new?
Snow White and I have traveled to Ontario, Canada to attend the White Shepherd Club of Canada Speciality Show on 2 August 2008.  There she was tested for Herding Instinct Certification with Ducks.  She passed with flying colors!  You go Girl!

Check this out!!!

08/08 - Snow White's Beach Photos

Snowy's show debut at UKC Premiere 2008
This youngster kicked off her show career with a Reserve Best Female!


The Home of beautiful White Shepherd Dogs